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7 December 1995

Tell me, why does mankind fight when we are the same?
-Saraba, the GazettE

Hello~ I love Jrock and Jpop.
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"And shall we start from here, the new days? We throw away everything. We are not afraid of anything. We can be sparkling, shining stars."- the GazettE, LINDA

"To be able to think about music is happiness, isn't it?"- Uruha

"Please answer me it's a horrible dream. How much should I shout, writhe and suffer?
Please tell me it's a horrible dream. I shouted many times with a losing voice."- the GazettE, Taion

"Before I go on stage, I face the stage and clap twice then bow. As a courtesy."- Ruki

"What is this I hear about visual kei fans being bad people? Headbanging isn't bad. Being a bit rebellious isn't bad either. Just remember to take care of your manners.- Reita

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